Power and Privilege Series

Power and Privilege are the keys at the intersection of identities and institutions. This series aims to provoke thought, cultivate questions and enable conversation about any number of issues from racism to homophobia to gender identity to sexism. Our speakers push boundaries, challenge ideas and create open safe space for real conversations. Our past speakers include Dr. Shakti Butler, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill,  and Dr. Paul Gorski. If you have ideas for new speakers please complete the form. Help us create a space on campus for passionate dialogue about power and privilege.

Social Justice Leadership Certificate Program

Fridays from 2-4pm

We are connected through multiple social networks, from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook. We are meeting people that we would have never met before, both on campus and on the internet. But even as we connect, we encounter differences in one another. And sometimes we don't know how to bridge those differences. How do we explore and celebrate our differences, while also confronting privilege and oppression? 

The Social Justice Leadership Certificate Program is an interdisciplinary program that will explore issues of social justice for those who are interested in being agents for positive social change. 

The application for the 2019-2020 application will be open in summer 2019.